Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Congratulations Molly... and welcome to the neighborhood

We had a graduation party for the baby last weekend. THAT diploma was hard-earned, but that's an entirely different blog entry.

We've only recently moved to our present home, and now live 3-4 hours from the majority of our family and friends. This graduation party was probably as much a "check out our new digs" party as it was a graduation party, so we really did have a high attendance. Everyone who attended stayed the night so before I get lambasted regarding alcohol and driving, there was no such incident. I came from a family of German Catholic beer drinkers, and my childhood memories are comprised of high volume parties with lots of music and laughter. There are nine of us siblings, and we tend to get louder as the night grows longer. Stories start flowing like shit downhill, and each one's recall gets louder than the previous, so by the time the moon rises, we're in full form. Geeze, I love my family.

Our house has a two-tiered deck off the back and we spent the evening listening to music from our IPOD and dancing on the lower level. Around midnight, as we were listening to Le Regiment and lining up to march to "Script Ohio," the cops showed up and put a stop to our little performance. It appears our new neighbors weren't as entertained by our craziness as we hoped they'd be. Such a shame. Had they taken the time to come over and complain to us themselves instead of calling in a complaint, we'd have handed them a beer and asked them to join in the fun. To know us is to love us! Of course I was upset over this. It wasn't the fact that we're now probably labeled "trouble makers" at the police department, but because once again, I'm reminded of how intolerant people have become.

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