Monday, June 23, 2008

Dad's Day... a brick to remember him by

Last weekend (Father's Day) my whole tribe went to Cleveland for an Indian's baseball game. The kids wanted to find a venue where Father's Day could be spent as a family, fun/beer could be had by all, and hopefully wrap up their gift to him in one big tidy weekend package. The plans for this weekend began last fall when my oldest son discovered that he could order a brick that would make his dad part of the Cleveland Indians Stadium forever. Heritage Park, located in the centerfield area of Progressive Field, is the home of the Indians Hall of Fame. It also has a floor made up of bricks, sold at varying prices dependent upon size, with inscribed dedication to whatever/whomever one chooses them to be dedicated to. After much discussion and deliberation, the kids decided on the shown text and ordered the brick to be in place by opening day this season. My oldest son and his wife then went to a game earlier this year, just to find the location of this brick. We arrived at the stadium early (premeditative) giving us plenty of time to wander about and "stumble" upon his brick. I can honestly say that in the 30+ years I've known my husband, I can count on one finger the number of times I've found him speechless, so you now know how this special event panned out. It was an awesome moment and tears were definitely shed.... by all of us.

The above picture shows the replicate souvenir brick that he took home with him. The original is part of the stadium forever. How cool is that?

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