Friday, June 27, 2008

WallWords... Inspirational Overkill?

Our current home was on the market for almost two years before we purchased it last month. It's a lovely home but there are a few things that I feel may have turned buyers away such as the very strong paint colors of many of the rooms. However, I honestly think it's the WallWords that raised most prospective buyers' eyebrows. Wallwords are vinyl pre-pasted, pre-spaced decorative accents to place on walls, windows, mirrors, etc. Famous and inspirational quotes are some of the favorites and there are also graphics that can be used with the words. It's an interesting concept and I suppose I'm not totally against the idea, but it's definitely one of those "a little goes a long way" kind of things. In our eleven room home, only two rooms are without WallWords. There are a total of thirteen different quotes/sayings, leaving several of the rooms with multiple wordgasms. Each of these little ditties cost between $29.00 and $59.00, and has me wondering if I should have had a word rider (writer?) added to our insurance policy.

As you enter our home you're greeted with this saying and I can remember thinking the first time we saw the house that it was a nice touch. That was before I was graffitied to death by the rest of the rooms.

This quote is in the main level bath and is the only one I have memorized since I have to stare at it every time I do my bizness. I find it highly ironic that the one time I actually took these words to heart and "sang like no one was listening" and "danced like no one was watching," the neighbors called the cops on me. I guess there's an exception to every Wall Word rule.

And I'm guessing this one in the laundry room is supposed to inspire me to get creative while doing the laundry. Frankly, I try to spend as little time in there as possible. I don't even sort my laundry. That whole "whites in this pile" and "colors in that pile" thing just reeks of segregation, don't you think? (hee!)

This one should really be inside the freezer with an arrow pointing to the ice cream. Instead it is on our bedroom wall.

However, this picture now hides it because I don't need to be reminded that I'm a real minx in the bedroom. ;)

Love, faith, wisdom and joy must have been particularly difficult concepts for these people, necessitating that they be displayed twice. (I should have 'em down pat in another month or two)

This is the one that SHOULD have been over the bed.
Who needs books when you have walls to read.

As they say, the writing's on the wall

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