Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Be An Organ Donor.... Please

Tomorrow my 11 year old nephew is receiving a new kidney, complements of his Aunt Karen. Logan has been living on dialysis for almost a year now. Each night at bedtime he is hooked up to a machine through a port in his abdomen, and he spends the next eight hours getting filtered. He's been a trooper though out the entire ordeal, even though the procedure is painful for him at times. It is difficult to watch one so young go through so much and it was such a blessing when his aunt stepped forward to volunteer her kidney. Organ donation is such a wonderful thing. A living donor, such as Karen, can donate kidneys, and/or parts of the liver and pancreas. It's overwhelming to consider the generosity of such a gift of life. However, even in death one can bring renewed life to others. The heart, intestines, lungs, bones, tendons, corneas, veins and skin are all amongst the organs that can be donated to another human being. And all this is made possible by checking that little box on your driver's license. Do it the next time you renew yours.

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Valerie said...

I landed here during a spirited search for savoury ebelskiver recipes, and quickly skimmed through all your posts. This one compelled me most to say hello...

While in spring cleaning mode a few weeks ago I found my organ donor form in a pile of paper, filled it out and sent it to the governing bodies in Ontario. Stories like yours make me happy to know that should anything ever happen to me, someone else might get a fighting chance.

I look forward to your future entries!