Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Cushy (After)Life

I've always imagined that if reincarnation was a possibility, one's next life would be either a punishment or a reward for the behavior/actions in one's previous life. If you spent your last life as a child molester, your next life might very well be spent as a bacteriium in the midst of a festering boil on some Harlem rat's ass. If you led your previous life as peaceful purveyor of non-violence and truth, you might be reincarnated as... well... as this:

Meet Sloopy, the canine formerly known as Gandhi.

From sunup to sundown, his most difficult decision is whether to sleep in bed or on the couch. On a truly bad day, there may only be two pillows positioned together at the same time, and he's then forced to make do. On the (rare) off chance that he might have to settle for a snooze on the floor, it's only because a blanket has fallen and been left there for his nap time needs.

Ahhh... a dog's life indeed. We're just thankful he lets us live with him.

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