Thursday, July 3, 2008

When your brain's hampered...

We've all had them. Senior moments, brain farts, dumb attacks, blondeouts (like a blackout, only worse)

Those memory-crashing blips where the right and left side of your brain refuse to cooperate and your synapses decide to have their own Hatfields and McCoys moment. You sit there dumbfounded at the ATM like a deer caught in headlights. I CAN'T REMEMBER MY PIN! Or someone asks for your phone number and you're catapulted back to kindergarten and the panic of trying to dig up those digits from somewhere.. anywhere.... IT'S JUST NOT THERE! And then there's the times like today when my daughter asked me where I'd put the shirt she'd had laying on the table. "In the dumpster," I replied. "WTF?" she asked with her eyebrows. "I mean, in the hamster," I answered. "What the hell are you on?" her eyebrows questioned again, before she fell to the floor in hysteria. I stood there with the kindergartener-at-the-ATM look for a second, then started laughing too. "What's that thing called? You know... that white whicker thing that holds dirty laundry? WHY CAN'T I THINK OF THAT WORD??"

"I'm assuming you mean HAMPER" she finally choked out.

Yeah, moments like that. Don't deny it. You've had them too.

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