Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Being A Postie...

Post menopausal, that is. Black gold, tampax free.

OK, I really haven't struck oil, and I'm not as old or dried up as Granny. But I have entered into the part of my life that has surprised me with some riches I hadn't anticipated.

In my 30's, I dreaded menopause for many reasons. I wasn't particularly anxious to give up the vitality that the ability to reproduce gave me, nor was I in the least bit looking forward to all those menopausal maladies "older" women complained of. The business of family, life and career kept me from pondering menopause for the most part, but when I turned 45, it pondered me... and pounded me, and for the longest time, I didn't even know what hit me. In fact, it wasn't until this past year that I realized upon looking back, that I'd transitioned from a peri to a postie (menopausal, that is... black gold, tampax free, remember?) None of my physical symptoms were severe. A few hot flashes here and there and irregularities that I don't think I need to get into. However, the emotional/mental changes were significant, and I'm thankful for the tolerant family God gave me. I'm quite certain that they must have thought that the woman they knew and loved had been kidnapped and swapped out for some highly combustible version of myself. Tears, anger, irrational behavior.... you name it, I did it. The strangest thing was, I couldn't help it! It was like watching a movie of myself playing the evil villain, yet I couldn't stop myself!

Coming out on the other side, I have come to know the blessings that God gives to post-menopausal women. We're strong, very strong. We are no longer tempted, persuaded, nor compromised by our hormones. We're softer, gentler versions of our youth, and more able to accomplish through our calmness.

And seriously, I hadn't initially meant to add this, but it seems especially appropriate given that the election is next week. How do we feel about a prospective vice president who's just entering into this highly-hormonal phase of her life. Food for thought.

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