Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fish oil

Middle-age is a mixed blessing.

At this stage of life, most of us have already barreled through the stress of continued employment, relationship angst, and the bitter-sweet joy that "Parenting For Dummies" never quite gets around to fully describing/fixing. By hook or by crook, for the most part, we've also managed to secure ourselves financially. If not to the point we'd dreamed of in our early years, we've at least hopefully thought far enough ahead to ensure that we can indeed afford the price of our late-life Depends, if not our mortgage. Of course, all of our pre-middle-aged planning was both precariously and erroneously originated at a time in our lives where we knew we would live forever. When one has the silky hair and perky breasts of a twenty-five year old, one can never imagine that one could eventually lose both to breast cancer. Along with free will, a soul, and love for fast food, God also implanted the "it'll never happen to me" gene into almost every human being. We're all players in His game of Russian Roulette. We all know the risks. We check the odds. We still play. Yes... we're that stupid.

The point of this post, you ask? Well geeze... I don't have to have a point. It's my

However, in a Mag-like-roundabout way, I do have a point.

Middle age brings with it so many health related issues that would have been insignificant or ignored in younger years. A stiff shoulder in your twenties meant you slept on it wrong. A rapid heart beat meant you were either sexually excited or the cops were on your ass for speeding (or worse.) Stomach aches defined too many tacos or too much tequila (or both,) Knee pain was a signal to stop going to Mass so often.

OK... that was just for affect. Knee pain is serious and shouldn't be joked about. It is the number one cause of lost blow jobs in the United States.

But once again, I've digressed. (duh)

Ok... here's the deal. I've been reading about the health advantages of adding fish oil to your diet. Research shows that the right kind can help prevent heart disease, maintain optimum blood pressure and cholesterol levels and give almost immediate relief from joint pain, migraines, depression, autoimmune diseases and many other conditions. And, by improving brain development and memory functioning, from conception through old age, certain Omega-3 oils also provide the perfect brain food.

Sign... me... up

So, last weekend I started taking fish oil capsules. The directions stated to take one, three times daily... which I did, for four days. By the second day, I started to notice changes, first in my sleep patterns, then in joint paint. However, to fully appreciate the affect, you'd have to know that I already suffer from both insomnia and joint (knee) pain. So when I noticed a PROFOUND negative difference in both ailments, and so suddenly, I could only assume that there must be some type of correlation. Google (my life, my love) showed that although most people benefit in both sleep patterns and joint pain by the addition of fish oil (omega 3) to their diets, a small percentage do suffer from negative side effects. Yup... I'm the freak... the one who screws it all up for everyone else. If a pill says it will put you to sleep, it will invariably wake me up. If it claims to calm you, I will come up swinging every time, more agitated and aggressive than what is normal for me.

I stopped taking the fish oil on Wednesday. By last night (Saturday) I was back to normal (my normal) sleep patterns. And.. today was the first day this week I didn't need to take some type of pain medication for my knee pain..

Bottom line. Even those supplements deemed "natural" or those that contain supposedly botanical or organic ingredients can be a cause of trouble to those who are intolerant freaks of nature (me.) If ONE person Googles the symptoms I had and stumbles across this blog in the process, it will be worth every hour it took to write it.


Bob said...

Fun blog to read Mags!. Your description of middle age sounds soooo familiar. Let's see, since fish oil is the title of this blog I will try follow that theme. As a kid I turned my nose up at fish as a food. Give me some red meat and I was always a happy camper. At some point around the big 5 O red meat started disagreeing with me, no dramatic ill effects ,just a feeling of being poisoned, lol. About that same time I started developing a taste for fish, more like a craving for fish, the oilier the better. Lynn his a theory that what we crave is something our bodies are lacking, and not just her chocolates, lol. Her current craving she satisfies daily are pumpkin seeds, and of course the monthly request for chocolates.

I wonder if you're intolerant to fish oil , or how fish oil supplements are commercially processed and packaged?

Mags said...

Actually, I am allergic to shellfish, which may have something to do with the intolerance to fish oil. However, I did read the ingredients in the oil and no shellfish were listed. So who knows if there might be a connection there somewhere.

Also, I tend to agree with Lynn on her theorty that out bodies crave what they're lacking. I've been on a serious orange and grapefruit kick this past week.... must be running a pint low on my vitamin C.

Nanan said...

might be a connection between that shellfish allergy and the fish oil thing... listen to your cravings... eat the foods your body requests - in moderation - of course - and - you make my laugh out loud - which is interesting with 10 metal staples in my belly hehehehe!!! I will not take fish oil supplements - but tonight is sushi night!!!!