Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Woody, Our Wii

Over the weekend we semi-seriously contemplated getting another dog. Friends of ours in northern Indiana knew people who had several half shih tzu, half maltese puppies, and we had intended to stop by to look at them while were visiting the area. We spent our drive time discussing the pros and cons of adding yet another responsibility to our lives, but in the end we'd fallen so head over heels with the photo of the doggie, that we were mostly just listing the pros. We'd even gone as far as naming the little guy. He would be Woody, named after Woody Hayes, the legendary Buckeyes coach. Numerous voice mails were left on Sunday morning before our return trip home, but the breeder never contacted us.

Our disappointment became more and more palpable the closer we got to home, and by the time we got to Indianapolis, we were in full pout mode. I suggested to hubby that maybe some shopping would cheer us both us. He was in agreement, as long as we shopped at Best Buy.

Long story short. Woody is now the name of our new Nintendo Wii. Cleaning up puppy pee has been replaced with bowling, golf, boxing, tennis and baseball.

The family that plays together, stays together...

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