Sunday, March 8, 2009

I love Google... and French Onion Soup!

I absolutely love Google. There is never a search too strange or too out there that someone in this world has not posted about said search object somewhere on the internet. As this relates to food and recipes, I regularly throw odd combinations together and let Google surprise me with results that confirm beyond all doubt that this world is indeed made up of all different kinds of people with unique (and sometimes odd) tastes and equally unique (and odd) ways of putting ingredients together.

If you Google "sausage, peaches, and Bisquick".... you'll find this delightful recipe. Ya know, we've all had days when canned peaches and Bisquick were all we had left in the pantry, right? There's actually a story behind this particular Google search, because way back in my early married days, I did make this dish for my new husband. But instead of canned peaches, I used canned pears (do you REALLY think that one or the other would make a difference in the outcome of this recipe?) To this day, hubby says this is the only thing I've ever cooked for him that he didn't care for.

If you Google peanut butter, Velveeta, and maraschino cherries, you'll find this recipe amongst your search results. Seriously, I mean really.... this one even shocked me. See what I mean?

Google did not shock or disappoint me when I relied on its genius to provide me with a recipe for French Onion Soup, however. Luke and Carolyn over at Cookography adapted a recipe from Cook's Illustrated and I followed their instructions up to the part where they're topping the soup with toasted baguette slices. I made my own whole wheat croutons and used them instead.

The fact that my oven did most of the work for this recipe was such a bonus in that caramelizing onions can be very time consuming. The Gruyère cheese is a must. It complements the rest of the ingredients so well and adds the gooey that makes this soup so comforting and filling.


cathy said...

odd combinations are the best, especially when they work! I remember (way back in high school) the thing to do was to get the fries at wendy's and dip them in the frosty's! not very appealing, but a lot of people found it amazing. and your soup looks delicious :D

Mags said...

Thanks for the comment Cathy!

Nanan said...

OK - I would actually want to try all three recipies - but not at the same sitting...