Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend Get-Away

When hubby and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last November, the kids presented us with a basket filled with gifts (think clues) that led us to discover that they'd rented a cabin for a weekend get away in Tennessee.
That weekend starts tomorrow! And lasts through Monday.

The kids are all going to be there too, which really makes this whole trip special. I really enjoy when we can all get together.

The weather is supposed to be lovely, with temperatures in the 80's, and this hot tub will get a workout, no doubt.

As will the rocking chairs on the deck overlooking the beautiful mountain scenery.

See y'all next week! I'll take lots of pictures.


HoneyB said...

WOW! What a lovely gift from your children! Gorgeous place!

Mags said...

I know! Can you believe it? For three days we felt like we were

I love my kids.