Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Five Truckloads of Dirt and Mulch

You gotta love a man who works 60 hours a week at his "real" job and then spends another 15 hours on the weekend whipping the landscaping into shape. I'm not without worth here, however. Who do you think lugged around this whopping 5 ounce camera snapping photos all day? (I've got the Canon PowerShot blisters and flash rash to prove it!)
I present to you my hubby's Mother's Day gift to me. WARNING: This will be intensely more painful than looking at pictures of your friends' grandchildren's school plays and sporting events.

As the post title states, there were five truckloads of dirt and mulch that went into this weekend's grounds grooming. And please keep in mind that we live on a hill, so all of that dirt/mulch had to be wheelbarrowed down that slippery slope to its final destination.

This is only our second year living at this home. Last year we did the bare minimum outside because we were too busy inside fighting over where the furniture and his boxer shorts should go.

I'm loving that we have blooming shrubs. But I'm relatively stupid when it comes to knowing the names of living green things, and the only one I know for sure is this lilac. And that's only because I know the scent.

If anyone can tell me the name of this shrub, I'd be ever so grateful. And so would the bee. Although he probably already knows since he's taken up permanent residence there. (Brave of me to get this close, yes?)

INTERMISSION: (go mix yourself a Bloody Mary while I show the flowers I feebly planted)

You have to admit that this coffee cup planter is to die for. (and yessss... I realize that they will die.. probably prematurely, because my thumb lacks any shade of green)

A few herbs to make me feel like I'm better than Sandra Lee yet lesser than Martha Stewart.

And here's the garden. *pause for a moment of future hope and pride*

Remember when you first thought of having kids and you had all these hopes and plans for their future? Like you just knew they'd be perfect and fruitful and multiply (OK, that was before sixth grade math class and the drama of Ms. Quail, but you get my drift.)
I'm hopeful that come August, I'll be the proud parent of this productive tomato plant. We're not even going to imagine that one morning I might find an empty Jack Daniel's bottle and a condom laying by its roots. (true story regarding my oldest offspring, but that's another story, another time.)
I'll leave you with this photo... which warmed my heart. My man, his dog, and his beer (Kroger had 24 oz. Budweisers for a buck apiece last week, how heartwarming is that!)


HoneyB said...

At least you plant! LOL. I do NOT have a green thumb. BTW, I have to comment that the last photo of the Bud can? That would be Grumpy's favorite. lol

Nanan said...

What a lovely yard and garden!!!!