Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day (circa 1990)

First of all, let's just get a few things out in the open regarding my appearance in this photo. There will be no making fun of my Peter Frampton hair,

nor the fact that I was channeling my inner Lucy that day.

I'm sure I must have had a very good reason at the time to actually CHOOSE to look like this for such an important photo opportunity as Mother's Day.

Are we all clear on that? Good.

Let's move on to my state-of-the-art coppertone oven in the background. Y'all are jealous, I know. You should be.

And those boxes on the other side? Could I not have taken them off of the highchair before the picture was taken? Who poses in front of an oven and a bunch of boxes for a family photo??? Seriously!

Now we can lovingly scrutinize my babies. The oldest is Wes. He was in second grade at the time and getting ready to make his First Communion. ALL OF THE OTHER KIDS GOT TO WEAR SUIT COATS, but I chose to traumatize him (FOREVER) by buying him this second-hand cardigan to wear instead. Not only did I make him wear it for his Blessed Event, I made him wear it on my Mother's Day. He's 27 now and will wear nothing knit nor cabled to this day.

Next up is Kellen. You can't see his right hand, but I'll guarantee you that it's firmly attached to my left leg. From ages 2 through 5 we were joined that way. Aside from the fact that it would be really creepy and inappropriate for him to latch on to me like that at age 23, I still miss it.

And then there's the real baby, Molly. She's probably wishing that she had some of my Frampton hair to wear to church that morning. Her pristine white tights and shoes make up for the baldness, however (at least until she decides to crawl across the church parking lot. Or toss her cheerios all over herself and her car seat on the way there.)

Kellen actually gave me this framed photo a few years ago and you can only imagine how I cried, first because of how I look, but hardest because of how much I miss those years. They went by so quickly... so very quickly.

Mamas.... kiss on them and love them up, as hard and as often as they'll allow.


Happy Mother's Day!

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