Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Cook Out... Steak and Corn

When you see these you know what you're having for dinner, right?
So your thoughts start turning toward sweet melted butter and salt, and then you get even more excited when you discover that you're correct:
But what you don't even know yet, is that even though this (first of the season) sweet corn is going to make your taste buds do the tango, THIS, my friends, is going to make them break dance:
Yes... today was the official beginning of grill season at our house. And it's kind of difficult to describe how we behave here on opening day. All caution is thrown to the wind as we peruse the meat case at Kroger, fully knowing that in order to afford those strip steaks, we're going to have to sell the dog, the truck, and our share of the London Bridge. It doesn't matter. We're hungry for meat and God help the animal, vegetarian, or almighty dollar that tries to get in our way.
We pack up the Little Tykes cooler (don't ask, just accept that it's a tradition.)
We throw in a little bit of broccoli salad, just so we can say that we are "going green." (My go-to broccoli salad recipe can be found here.)

But it really is all about the steak and the corn.

Unless you're Sloopy. Then it's all about licking Dad clean.

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