Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Grilling... Chicken Wings

Sometimes you just want wings on Sundays. And it usually happens when you've been working out in the yard all afternoon, drinking a few beers, and generally just enjoying the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, this also typically coincides with your being in ratty shorts and t-shirt, hair a mess, and the remnants of last night's makeup sweating off your face. In other words, there will be no jetting off to the store to buy ingredients to make the sauce. We're just going to have to wing it (get it?) and make the sauce with whatever ingredients we happen to have on hand here.
I'm writing the directions for this wing sauce as I'm looking at the picture. It looks like I used about a third of the bottle of chili sauce, doesn't it? (help me out here, please!) And... let's say about the same amount of duck sauce. The amount of habanero sauce is best left to your discretion, but I will tell you that my bottle had all kinds of warnings on it... keep out of the reach of children, no smoking around this item, items in this bottle are hotter than they appear, harmful if swallowed. Again, discretionary use is advised. The garlic powder... I'd say about a half of a teaspoon. And if you don't have a Maxine Christmas mug to mix this all up in, you're just going to have to find a different wing sauce recipe. Sorry.

Hubby said it was his favorite wing sauce.... ever.

The basic directions we use for grilling chicken wings can be found here. And what I like best about making wings is not knowing in advance how we're going to sauce them. They turn out different every time. Even Sloopy eagerly awaits his chicken wing. (Ohhh... don't be going and getting your knickers in a knot; we don't really give him chicken bones. I just needed a way to work this photo into the conversation.)


HoneyB said...

The wings look awesome! I mix a lot like you do (without measuring!).

You made me LOL talking about not going to pick up wings because of how you look. ha ha. I have refused to go pick up pizza and wings for the same reason. Grumpy will say I'll drive and you go in. I'll look at him and say "I'm not going anywhere looking like THIS!"

Also, I wish it were as warm here as it must be there...we were only 48 degrees here yesterday. Grumpy couldn't go shirtless if he wanted to in these temps!

Mags said...

Wow HoneyB.... 48 degrees! That IS cold.

The wings were awesome. I ate too many of course. Today it's back on the diet.