Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chocolate Chip Balls (Treats For Co Irkers)

A month or so ago I started sending weekly treats to work with hubby. It was a way for me to continue to feed my baking hobby without feeding my own face. I love to cook but with only the three of us here, so much was going to waste (or waist), and I decided I could have the best of both worlds by baking what I felt inspired to bake, then getting it the heck out of my house. It's a win/win situation.

I've set up a new label on my sidebar titled "Treats For Co Irkers," inspired by one of hubby's coworkers. (That name still cracks me up every time I see it.) This will make it easier for any interested coworkers to find the recipes if they so choose.

I've actually already posted about this recipe back in December of last year, so you can find the ingredients list and instructions here, but I took some new pictures today so I'm postpeating. That's like repeating, but not quite. Plus, I'm feeling wordy tonight.

This is a great summertime recipe in that it doesn't require the use of your oven. The ingredients are simple as well.

It's messy, I'll admit. You can only get so far with a spoon...

Then you have to just jump in with both hands. Or one hand, if you happen to be holding a camera.

Here's the pre-dip shot. All the little guys are lined up nicely in rows. But wait...evidently the ball in the second row, second from the left has learned nothing at band camp. How are we ever going to win at State if we can't be straight on the diagonal? Let's try that again, and we'll do it over and over again until we get it right!

Is this better Mr. Breece? Can I march in Friday night's football game now... please?? I promise not to bring beer on the band bus ever again!

Sorry... I had a high school band flashback for a minute. And if anyone from Mr. Breece's family happens to stumble upon this blog, I apologize in advance if I appeared disrespectful. I'm sure he no longer harasses baritone players now that he's in Heaven. (See? Thirty-three years later, and I'm still traumatized!)

Umm.. back to the subject at hand. These little balls of deliciousness are dipped in melted chocolate. And if you happen to have one of your mom's old pans to use as part of your double boiler, preferably one with a nasty old wooden handle, that would be great. (I LOVE that pan)

Feel free to dress them up a bit if you'd like. I zigzagged some with melted butterscotch (remember Scotcharoos?)

And I sprinkled some chopped peanuts on a few.

Mr. Breece... may I be excused now?


susies1955 said...

You are so awesome. You know that? These look so very good. I've got to try these.
Love your blog. :)

HoneyB said...

These look awesome! I know what you mean about feeding your hobby without feeding your face however I defeat my own purpose sometimes by taking my treat to my own job!

Co Irker said...

Mmmmm! We had these at our office potluck. They were good then and they are wonderful now. I have you to thank for the bulge over the waistband of my jeans - not really but it's nice to blame on someone besides myself.
You are hands down our favorite coworker's spouse. And I'm not just saying that so we can receive more goodies (hint, hint) - thanks again. Did I mention how much I look forward to Fridays now?

Mags said...

Susie: Aww, you're so sweet!

HoneyB: LOL, Now that's a real predicament!

Co Irker: Happy to hear I'm making Fridays a little better for you. Just remember to be nice to me at the company Christmas

biz319 said...

Those look amazing! My daughter would love these, she loves peanut butter.

Thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

Yummy is the word that comes to mind with these. They look soooo good!!!

Donna-FFW said...

OMG!! These look absolutely delicious. My children would love them. First time here, love your blog!

Mags said...

biz, Debbie and Donna... thanks for commenting!

Jen @ said...

Oooh my - I want to run off to my kitchen and make these right now! They look sooo good!

coffeegrounded said...

Mags, I stared at these and said, "Oh my God, life exists beyond all universes and dwells happily in the, Land of Mags." Well, okay, I didn't say that. I just told myself to go over and open the door on Mags and see what that funny chick was up to this morning.
Dang girl, you be so creative. By the way, can I have that pan? I'll give you four brand-new items if I can have your treasure. (It's funny, when we are growing up at home, any pan that we have to wash and dry becomes the ENEMY!)

Oh...I bake for my hubby's office too, and for the very same reason. Waist not, want not!

Seriously, we got to get you published. This world could do with a heavy dose of you.

Mags said...

Jen: Yes, you must make them. I insist!

Coffee: Your comments made my day!

Elle said...

Love the flash back to band! What we put kids through :)
Great looking little morsels and truly one of the great flavor combos...lucky co irkers!

Mags said...

Elle: I think I will forever have band flashbacks! Thanks for the kind comments.

Linda said...

This post is hysterical--I so totally relate to the band reference--mine was Mr. Earsom :))

I am bookmarking this recipe and keeping my fingers crossed that I can roll mine in chocolate as expertly as yours.

Mags said...

Linda, I just knew there was somebody else out there who would be able to relate to the band trauma