Sunday, June 28, 2009

Six Unimportant Things That I Love- the meme

Upon my return home from the girl's get-away weekend, I found an invitation from Jane at Foodzilla to participate in this interesting little activity. I was instructed to post about "Six Unimportant Things That I Love," then pass on the invitation to others who might also enjoy sharing little-known information about themselves. Kind of a neat way to get to know fellow bloggers better, don't ya think?

You may not be aware that I love:

1. Milk. Not that it's really the number one unimportant thing in my life, but it's what popped into my head first. I do find it strange though that each and every time I drink a glass of milk, I think to myself (and sometimes even say aloud,) "Man I love milk!" Isn't that odd?

2. Pillows. Where many women feel they must hide new clothes, chocolate and losing lotto scratch-offs from their husbands, I feel I have to hide the pillows that I buy and then I sneak them into the room's arrangement one at a time. Then when hubby asks about a new one, my response is the standard, "What, that old thing?"

3. Throw rugs. Same concept as #2. But I have a hard time throwing away old throw rugs, so now I'm in the process of carpeting my garage.

4. Peanuts and chocolate chips in a coffee cup. And there must be equal amounts of each. And they must be in my Maxine Christmas mug. And I have to eat them with a spoon while watching Army Wives.

5. A new jar of peanut butter. I realize that it's homogenous throughout, but I always feel like I'm getting the best part of the jar when I get to eat that smooth layer on the top.

6. New socks. Is there anything neater than fresh, new socks? My second son shares this belief with me, by the way. And if I ever have more money than I know what to do with, I shall buy 365 pair of socks each year so I can wear a new pair each day. And the Salvation Army will quickly become aware of my sickness.

I'd like to pass along this invitation to:

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Bob said...

Share 6 things about my innermost self? Wow, that's asking a lot Mags!

(1) Throw rugs when worn out should be dealt with by hyphnenating using the word away. Yep ,throw rugs have mysteriously vanished from our home.
(2) Milk? I haven't tasted unadulterated milk in years, but it sure does go great with my 10 cups of daily coffee!
(3)Now I know why Lynn acts like I have desecrated the Skippy peanut butter when she opens what she thinks is a new jar! I wonder if I do this just to tic her off as I only eat one spoonful.
(4)Thanks for reminding to buy some new socks, buy top quality, they will last for years!;)
(5) Nuts in a cup? I once(recently) overdosed on Blue Diamond almonds which necessitated a visit to the Dr. Everything in moderation.
(6) I love virgin pillows, but they sure aren't cheap!

I'll return later and really "spill" as this thinking and typing has overwhelmed me at this time.

Fun Blog! Bob

John said...

Thank you, Maggie...this looks like fun : )

Mags said...

Thanks for sharing Bob! (and I'm dying to hear more about the almond overdose)

John... I'm so tickled you participated!

Bob said...

(7) I ate an entire can of smoked almonds, all of them in one sitting!(no moderation involved, lol)and I'm not known for chewing my food well. Three days later I had what felt like appendicitis,severe pain,but on the left side instead of the right side w/a slight fever.
I won't go into the medical explanation, but by design the human body can tolerate only so much of this kind of roughage.

Lesson learned!