Friday, August 7, 2009

Creamy Coleslaw (Food Processor Fridays)

I recently purchased a large capacity food processor. I initially thought I'd use it for my bread dough kneading, but I just hated (HATED) cleaning it after using it for that purpose. I have however, been enjoying using it to quickly process all the veggies that have been coming off of my garden.

In an attempt to help busy weekend (and other) cooks, I've decided to start a section of my blog entitled, Food Processor Fridays, where I will post quick and easy recipes with step-by-step instructions and photos utilizing the food processor.

First up, creamy coleslaw. This recipe came together in ten minutes, I promise you. And I think I could have done it in five if I could have located my vegetable peeler faster. (making mental note: Clean out the utensil drawer.)

Creamy Coleslaw (adapted from my Cuisinart recipe booklet)

Ingredients list:

1/3 cup loosely packed parsley leaves
1/2 sweet onion, cut in half again
1 cup reduced-fat mayonnaise
1 Tbsp white vinegar
1 Tbsp sugar (I used Splenda)
1/2 tsp celery salt
1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper
1 large carrot, peeled (this is where I fell behind in time)
1 1/2 pounds cabbage (this was a small head for me)

Process parsley with metal blade until minced.

Add onion and process until minced.

Add mayo, vinegar, sugar, celery salt, and pepper. Process 5 seconds to combine. Remove metal blade.

Cut carrot in half crosswise. Core cabbage and cute it into wedges. Insert shredding disc and shred carrots, using firm pressure.

Insert slicing disc and slice cabbage, using firm pressure.

Add contents to mixing bowl and toss to combine. Adjust seasoning as needed. Refrigerate for several hours for best flavor.


Bob said...

Hmmm! Can't wait for the upcoming Food Processor Fridays now, lol. Our kitchen is only graced with a small 1 1/2 cup Black & Decker mini chopper. The little thing has earned its keep over the years for small jobs. Perhaps we'll need to buy a big brother for the little chopper.

Mags said...

Bob: you had me at Black & Decker...We'll tawk.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction said...

Great recipe! I have a head of cabbage in my fridge from the CSA that needs to be used... this looks like a great cole slaw recipe.

Moogie said...

Coleslaw looks delish!

If things don't get better, you are a shoe in for an apron.

Mags said...

Jen and Moogie.... thanks! And Moogie, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that apron.