Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kaiser Rolls (BBA Challenge)

A few weeks ago when I leafed ahead in the Bread Baker's Apprentice to see what I might need for the upcoming BBA challenges, I noticed that the Kaiser roll might give me some problems in the shaping department. I've learned through many of the past challenges that my shaping and braiding skills still need some work, so I just assumed I would be knot-challenged as well. I ordered a Kaiser roll stamp because I wanted my rolls to be as pretty as the ones pictured in the book. I think of all the photos in The Bread Baker's Apprentice, the Kaiser rolls stand out as the most beautiful and typifiy how perfect rolls should look.

The stamp didn't work worth a darn. My Kaiser rolls, though ridiculously delicious, didn't turn out with the separate "blooms" which I think are trademark to the Kaiser. I tried my hand at knotting a few of them and I actually think I like the look of them better than the stamped ones, even though they don't scream "Kaiser roll" to me.

Other than the shaping problem, this was a wonderful recipe. The dough was a delight to work with; very soft and supple, and the taste of the finished product was fantastic. I made a batch of pulled pork in the crockpot and we ate pulled pork and creamy coleslaw sandwiches for dinner tonight.

Thanks again to Nicole over at Pinch My Salt for keeping us all motivated. I'm looking forward to making Lavash crackers next week!


Frieda said...

Very pretty...yours turned out way better than mine in the glamour department!

HoneyB said...

oh wow, will you believe this? I made pulled pork yesterday! I just haven't posted about it yet! This looks delicious and I love your rolls!

June said...

Are you kidding me? These are absolutely gorgeous, and the crumb looks amazing...and pulled pork - can we come over for leftovers? Gosh darn Mags. If you're apologizing for perfection, you'd better give your head a shake.

Pete Eatemall said...

I am learning that ugly bread tastes good! In no way are your rolls ugly! Look perfect to me. I think this will be another dangerous recipe - meaning I will eat them all. I will make these for workshop. I still want a meatloaf sandwich tho...Happy baking!

stephchows said...

You make the best breads! Screw the stamp! Your way is better :)

Devany said...

Great looking Kaiser Rolls! My stamp had the opposite effect:

Yours also looked nice and light. Mine were dense, but held up well with the sauce. I am going to do a "do over" and hope for some like YOURS!

Did you notice that the ones in the picture in the book looked like they had an egg wash, not just sprayed water?

Moogie said...

Great minds think alike. I plan on making pulled pork in slow cooker. Post your recipe for the pork and also the slaw.

Mags said...

Frieda: I just checked yours out and I think yours are lovely!

HoneyB: Can't wait to read how you make yours!

June: Thank you. And yes, please come eat some of this pulled pork. It made TONS!

Pete: I think you just made my day with that statement. Ugly bread does indeed still taste good! Thanks.

Steph: Thank you. I'm really enjoying this bread baker's challenge.

Devany: I agree. The ones in the book had to have been brushed with egg wash to have that much shine.

Moogie: We do both have great minds, don't we. (At least in our own The links for the pulled pork and coleslaw are embedded in the words. Just click on them and they'll take you to where I've posted about them on my blog.

susies1955 said...

Hey Mags,
I'm back. LOL.
I had to write to you. I skimmed through your posts and wow your bread from the BBA group look so perfect, so professional. You're a natural.
Great job,

Mustang Terri said...

Mags, I always love reading your posts. Your buns look great girl (wink). Be proud of a job well done. Mustang Terri

Mags said...

Susie: Welcome back!!! Now get baking girl!

Mustang Terri: How sweet! Thank you so much.

Cindy said...

I also bought the kaiser stamp but have not made the buns yet. Yhanks for the heads up. I think I'll leave it in the drawer with my other useless tools!
Your kaiser roll shots look yummy, especially the pulled pork one.

misterrios said...

Oh Mags, you put us all to shame with your beautiful pics and picture perfect bread. Even though they don't look like the picture, they definitely scream "Kaiser Rolls" to me!

Madam Chow said...

They look great, even though the cutter didn't work. I just bought the cutter, too, so I'm hoping I can get it to work correctly!

Mags said...

Cindy: Oh do try the cutter. I probably screwed it up

misterrios: oh hush, your breads (and your mixer) put us all to shame! But thank you for your kind words.

Madam Chow: Good luck with your Kaisers!