Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BS Chowder

BS Chowder? Does that mean she's lying to me?

No, it means that when I decided to make JBug's BLTP Chowda' today, I knew from the get-go that I didn't have any leeks, so that took care of the "L." But it was when I tasted the chowder, and decided the two main flavors were bacon and salsa, that BS Chowder was born. No lie.

You can get the recipe for this filling chowder over at JBug's Kitchen Antics so I won't post it here. I'll just tell you the changes I made to make this soup my own. I used extra onions since I didn't have any leeks, and I sauteed them along with two minced garlic cloves and a pinch of red pepper flakes in olive oil instead of bacon grease. (I know, I know, the bacon grease would have really taken this over the top, but I wimped out and took the healthy route.)

When it came to a thickening agent, I was forced to think outside the flour box because yours truly, the self-proclaimed flour junkie, was out of all-purpose flour. I couldn't believe it! How did that happen? I've tried thickening with whole wheat flour in the past and haven't been impressed by it, so I decided to use spelt flour today and it worked really well.

The only other change I made was in using fat-free half and half instead of milk, and I only used a little over a half cup. Some chopped parsley at the end added a little green and freshness.

This was a really tasty chowder/soup. Leave the skins on your taters for extra fiber and if you have a can of black beans you feel like throwing in the pot, please do so. I think that would make an even more filling and fiber-rich meal.

Thanks JBug for sharing your recipe!


June said...

Your lightened up version looks much healthier Mags & what a great idea to add black beans too...I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm so glad you tried one of my recipes - just tickles me pink and that's no BS.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction said...

Mmm... now that the weather is getting colder, it is perfect for soups and chowders. Yours looks delicious - love the pictures!

stephchows said...

oh YUMMM!!!! can you believe I have a BS from the school of PMS... no joke! Bachelors of Science from the school of Print Management Sciences LOL

Mags said...

June: It was definitely a hit here. The salsa made the chowder, don't you think?

Jen: Thanks! Yup, it's time to bust out the jackets and the soup pot... fall's around the corner.

Steph: LOL @ your BS from PMS! And if I'm not mistaken, you'll soon be getting your MRS., yes?

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Yum, I love corn chowder. I'm going to go check out that recipe!

Mags said...

Sara: Yes, please do! June is one heck of a cook. While you're there take a look at some of her other recipes. You'll drool... swears!