Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grilled Peach And Goat Cheese Salad

Remember last week month when I vowed to start posting fruit recipes weekly? (And how's that been going for ya Mags? Weakly.. yeah, that's what I thought.)

I can explain my inability to keep my promise, really I can! You see, it took me until this past week or so to finally nail what my problem is with fruit. It's too sweet. And I like savory. So, when I started searching for "savory fruit recipes" instead of just "fruit recipes," I opened up a whole new can of fruit, so to speak.

Many fruits pair well with cheese, and peaches are a perfect example of such. For this salad, I halved and pitted a nice, ripe peach. I then grilled it cut side down on a grill pan over medium heat for about eight minutes before flipping it over and adding some crumbled goat cheese on top. I nestled each peach half in a bed of lettuce, then drizzled some balsamic vinaigrette over the top and garnished with a little cooked crumbled bacon.

It was the perfect blend of savory, sweet, tangy, salty, smoky, creamy and crunchy. Did I leave any taste bud or part of your palate untouched?

Ok, now that we've got that food business taken care of, I can move on to the announcements part of today's program.
Noooo!! It's not me, swears! My son and his wife have finally given me the go ahead to announce that they're expecting my first grandchild. Guess that would make this their first child too, if you're into such details. They found out yesterday that they're having a boy and I'm so thrilled. I'm going to quickly have to learn to knit and crochet... and make homemade baby food.... and relearn how to change a diaper! It's been so long!


Barbara Bakes said...

Congratulations! I'm hoping to be a grandma in the next few years. Can't wait!

Mags said...

Barbara: Thank you! It's a totally different experience for me... and it hasn't even happened yet!

susies1955 said...

Congratulations. How awesome.
It is the best experience in the world. :) I have two grandsons age 7 and 3 months.
I had many women keep telling me that it was something that can't be described and they were right.

june said...

Congratulations Grams - what incredible fun you'll have spoiling that little munchkin! By the way your salad looks fabulous and I love the theme....

stephchows said...

ok first: the new layout looks great!

second: peaches cheese and bacon... YUM!!

third: CONGRATULATIONSSS!!!! my parents were first time grandparents a year ago this week when my sister popped out Walton and they are the happiest I've ever seen them! You're going to be a great grandma/nana/what are you going to be?? :D

HoneyB said...

1. Congrats on the grandbaby to come!

2. LOVE your new look!

3. Those peaches are literally making my mouth water!

Mags said...

Susie: Thank you! I'm so excited and I've been dying to tell everyone but had to wait until now.

June: I think it'll be so much fun spoiling the little guy too!

Steph: They've decided to name the baby Gavin, so he's unofficially being called G-baby right now and I'm G-mom (like for Grand mom)

Honey: Thank you so much!

Mustang Terri said...

Wow Mags, How exciting your first g-baby. I know you can't wait. Love your web site. Can't wait to hear about the baby news in the near future.

Mags said...

Thank you Terri. I'm sure I'll be blogging about that baby to the point of ridiculous, but I can't help it! First one is such a big deal.