Friday, October 30, 2009

Creme Brulee (Chocolate With Francois) and a GIVEAWAY!

Chocolate. (I'll pause for a moment to allow you to finish whatever fantasy popped into your brain as you read that word.)

There are those who say chocolate is better than sex. (No comment.... hubby reads my blog.)

I'm just sayin' that on the short list of things that never disappoint, beg from, require anything of, demand something from, and are always able to satisfy me, chocolate is near the top. Notice I didn't say at THE top. (Hi sweetie! How's your day going?)

Julie from a Little Bit of Everything decided to invite any interested chocoholic home bakers to join her in a chocolate-filled adventure, Chocolate with Francois. We're going to work out way through Francois Payard's Chocolate Epiphany. We'll be blogging about our efforts on the 30th of each month, starting with this month.

Julie chose Chocolate Creme Brulee as our very first recipe. She will have the recipe posted on her blog and since she requested that only the person who chooses the recipe for the month post the actual recipe, I won't post it here. But please feel free to check out Julie's blog and do make this wonderful chocolate dessert. You won't be disappointed.

The recipe itself is very simple and straightforward. Chocolate and cream are combined with eggs and sugar then the custard is baked in ramekins.

The only step that I was unfamiliar with was caramelizing the sugar on top. I debated whether to do this in the oven or pull out hubby's propane torch to do the job, and finally decided on the torch. What fun!

I've never had chocolate creme brulee before so I can't compare this recipe to another variation of the same, but I will tell you that this was a very rich and luxurious dessert.

Thanks Julie for hosting this group and for picking such a fabulous first recipe!

And... just because I find it so surprising that you guys actually continue to read my daily drivel, I think it's time to reward you for your loyalty by offering my first ever giveaway.

Just leave a comment below telling me your Halloween plans, (or in the event that it's past Halloween, please tell me how many kids you stole Snickers bars from) and I'll enter you into a random drawing for this full-size, 19 oz. Creme Brule candle from Gold Canyon Candles. I have absolutely no affiliation with Gold Canyon, but along with Yankee Candles, they are my favorite for their lovely and long-lasting scents and burning time. I was first introduced to them at a home party years and years ago and any time I see that they're offering free shipping, I order up a year's supply. I'll accept all comments posted through Friday, Nov. 6th. Good luck and thank you all for your continued support!

I'm in Houston for my nephew's wedding as you're reading this. (What does it say about my family that the bride had to specify that we all behave and that no one wear a mask to the ceremony?) I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and I'll see you back here next week!


Megan said...

Yoru creme brulee looks gorgeous! Chocolate is very high up there on my list too!

June said...

Love Creme Brulee' in fact it's the big guy's favorite dessert and with chocolate - woo hoo! I'll be trying this out rather soon, I'm thinkin'.

HoneyB said...

I have NEVER had creme brulee myself...but this looks pretty yummylicious to me!

Does it count my halloween is over? ;-) Actually, I will be at my Aunt Ann's house over I will be helping her pass out goodies!

lakegirl said...

Maggie: Your creme brulee looks beautiful! And I love the chocolate is (maybe?) better than sex comment! Too Funny!

Creme Brulee candle sounds YUMMY!

We will be at my husband's mom's house in a VERY small town in Southwestern Minnesota for the Halloween!

k.a.r.e.n said...

I LOVEEEEEEE YOUR PHOTOS!! So much detail -- awesome!

(I'll have my post up before midnite!)

For Halloween, we will be having a Bday Party for my 2 year old -- stay tuned for that post!

LeighSabey said...

Wow, that looks delicious. I am a huge creme brulee fan but I've never seen it with chocolate!

We will be bringing our 18 month old trick-or-treating (only to a couple friends' houses); she's going as a chicken :).

Thanks for doing a giveaway!

Moogie said... I want to win. After all, I'm your 'BESTEST' blogger fiend, I mean friend. Oh yeah the your brulee kicks butt.

Alyssa said...

Your Chocolate Creme Brulee looks wonderful!

Snooty Primadona said...

Chocolate anything just does so much for any mood, good or bad. You just can't go wrong!

I plan to stay home & traumatize the neighborhood children, as always. Then, we're going to a party that starts at 10:00 PM, which we won't last long at.

carl + anje said...

i have several food blogs that i read and yours is one of my favourites :) i don't usually leave comments, but A) i love candles :) and B) you seem so nice and funny, I just wanted to say hello. ("hello!")
oh, halloween! i will be taking my little nephew trick-or-treating!

Joanne said...

Fantastic photos. It was one terrific dessert, fun to make and more fun to eat.
By the way... that candle is making me hungry again.

Frieda said...

Never heard of chocolate creme brulee until now....Thanks for the post!
We are continuing our tradition of passing out hot chocolate to cold trick or treaters that come our's always a great mix of kids and adults~

Barbara Bakes said...

I've never had chocolate creme brulee. It looks fabulous!

Sherry said...

I spent most of my life in New Orleans, where Creme Brulee is almost common, but never had chocolate before! Looks delicious!

I will be spending Halloween at a friend's haunted house dressed up as a witch and attempting to scare little children with my cackling laugh akin to the witch on the Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, most of the children know me and instead of being scared, will laugh. Which will tip off the ones who don't know me. Oh, well, give me an E for Effort!

patterpoo said...

My halloween plans include going downtown where children can trick or treat then afterwards we have a dog costume parade. I can guarantee that tonight i will dream of the chocolate creme brulee

mjohnston27 said...

I'm brining desert to Thanksgiving this year. Last year I brought creme brulee and everyone loved it. I think I'll try the chocolate this year.

I'm turning off the outside lights tonight, watching a scary movie and making magic boxes to fill with little goodies for the women at my church.

Lauren said...

Yummo! I've just recently started reading your blog and have really enjoyed it. I don't blog, but I think I'll join in all the chocolate baking myself. As far as Halloween goes- we're headed to church for our Fall Fest. I'm working in the kitchen all night while the hubs deals with the kids. I think I got the better end of that deal. :)

Susan said...

Wasn't this a fabulous recipe! I am so glad I joined the group.

For Halloween my daughter and I dressed up as zombies and ran a 10K in Virginia beach. It was fun!

Marda said...

Yummy....My plans???? Why giving out candy, of course!!!!!

KathyC said...

I've never made creme brulee but I have eaten it! Yummy!

Our halloween was Saturday night and I handed out fun size rice krispy treats, halloween oreo's and the old time animal crackers/cookies!

southern cookin said...

Your Chocolate Creme Brulee looks so devine! Great blog my new friend!
~Southern Cookin

Jean Badgley said...

For Halloween we flew to San Antonio, Texas to watch the ND vs WSU football game...great time.

Your creme brulee looks yum..

stephchows said...

did you wear a mask anyway :D

yum this looks so freaking good! and exciting about the giveaway!! mmmmm I bet it smells delicious!

Halloween - went to a friends and trick or treated with their 2 year old. adorable. she was a sweetie and let me have a reases PB cup from her stash :)

DLAOKC said...

My Halloween included my grandchildren, aka Dorothy and the Scarecrow! The weekend is over, and I'm exhausted! (I love to make creme brulee - love my little kitchen torch!)

Steve said...

I'd enter a commit and tell you that I stayed home with my wiff and my woof and handed out candy to little kids and some big kids, but if I end up winning some one is going to be mad. Oh well I've been in trouble before.

Love the idea of the chocolate creme brulee'.

Mags said...

WOW...just WOW! Thanks for all your comments you guys! It was so much fun to come home from the wedding and read all of your Halloween plans. I'll draw the winner of the candle and post it here on Saturday morning. Thank you again for reading my blog.

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction said...

Delish... I'm catching up on blog posts I missed over the past few days, and I just couldn't skip over this one. Beautiful creme brulee!

SallyBR said...

Ok, I am game!

I did not dress up for Halloween this year, we went to a poker party, I did not play, just did the "social thing" :-)

I love creme brulee - never done it with chocolate, will have to try it

thanks for posting!