Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend, 2010

Those of you who are mothers who've either moved a distance away from your children or had them move away from you know how special and heartwarming it is to have them all with you for Mother's Day. And while my actual Mother's Day found my kids traveling back to their respective homes, I enjoyed them all day yesterday and my son Kellen even spent all day on Friday with me. Just me. All day.

We spent the day together as mother teaching son the basics of cooking. I didn't take any photos of the dishes we made together because I didn't want this blog post to be about the food or the recipes, but about my family and togetherness. My heart melted watching him chop his first onion, celery and green bell peppers as he learned about "the holy trinity of cooking." (so different from the Holy Trinity he learned about in Catholic school!)

In one short day he learned how to make a basic chicken noodle soup, chili, a tuna-pasta-vegetable salad, oven roasted vegetables, and homemade pizza. I was quite proud of him for sticking to the tasks at hand and resisting the urge to venture off and watch TV. I love you Kellen.

Late Friday night I was surprised when I heard the doorbell ring and found a baby on my doorstep. My oldest son Wes, his wife Heather and their new baby Gavin weren't supposed to arrive until Saturday around noon, but they faced the traffic jams of Friday night after a long day at work to get here earlier than expected. You can imagine how quickly I scooped up my little G-baby.

I love you Wes, Heather and Gavin.

(Edited on 6/8/12 because of the ending of a relationship. Picture removed, but "I love you Molly)

We spent the day and evening in our usual raucous manner, playing cards, drinking beer, and enjoying the good-natured lambasting that close families are known for. There was even a game of Hammer Horse played by the light of an outdoor fire while s'mores were consumed between beers. Gavin even tried his hand at Blind Man's Bluff.

There are always tears when they arrive and tears when they leave but aren't tears something we accept when we become mothers? Their tears, our tears, bad tears, good tears. This weekend was all about good tears. I love you Dave for giving me these three wonderful children.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms out there!


Lyndsey said...

Oh what beautiful moments! I love seeing all of your family. I get to see my family when my parents come down to Florida for a Month and my sisters come a visit for a week. last Christmas was the first time my daughter got to experience the whole family at Christmas and see her first snow at 15, when we went to Michigan to visit. It is something for the memory books.

Your grandson is so cute! You have a beautiful, fun family!

Megan said...

I love seeing all your family moments. I wish I could have spent today with my mom. Unfortunately, I had to work, but I made sure to call her, and I know I'll see her soon.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Grumpy and HoneyB said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. I love the photo of you holding your grandson!

Julie said...

Maggie - Your post brought tears to my eyes. My only son lives in Los Angeles and I only see him once or twice a year. There's always big tears when I leave him.

Sounds like a wonderful family weekend for your family. The grandbaby is a cutie pie!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Jason wants to know when you are going to utilize his brilliant idea of "Wes-cipes". HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! YOU ARE THE BEST!!

Mags said...

Anonymous..aka Tell Laura I Love Her: I had to start with Kellen Cooks first so he doesn't suffer from any more middle child syndrome than he already does. Wes-cipes will be coming soon, I promise. Hugs, not drugs.

June said...

What a fabulous weekend you had Mags and such a great, close, fabulous family too. How can they be anything but with you as the matriarch. Love the pics, love the smiles and love the memories you're building. You look fabulous my friend ...ok so how many times have I used that word in this comment? Nah...not enough ...fabulous, fabulous. There's that's better~ LOL PS - the big guy's doing a bbq cookin' class in 2 weeks - wanna' send Kellen?

Mags said...

JuneyB: I want to send Kellen AND Dave AND a video camera!

Sweet and Savory said...

Mags. such a beautiful post and such a beautiful family. May you share many years together, watching the families grow.

Karen said...

This is the nicest Mother's Day post I've seen. You have a beautiful family.

MrsMe said...

Happy belated Mother's Day. Your family is lovely.