Monday, June 14, 2010

Maple And Brown Sugar Muffins

It's been almost a month since I've posted a muffin recipe. And since I'm the type of wife who understands her husband's need and desire for morning and/or afternoon delights, I'm accepting the blame for pushing him into the arms of another vending machine. If you'd drag us both by the ear to a marriage counselor, he or she would say that I need to put out more.... snacks. I have been chastised and I will make it right honey... swears. Just don't leave me for Little Debbie.

These muffins will remind you of Quaker's maple and brown sugar oatmeal, the instant kind in the packets. However, you're going to be gifted with the goodness of whole grains when you make these your breakfast-on-the-go.

Maple And Brown Sugar Oatmeal Muffins (makes about 20 muffins)

1 cup old fashioned oats (I used Coach's Oats)
1 1/2 cups spelt flour
3/4 cup Brown Sugar Splenda (or 1 1/2 cups packed regular brown sugar)
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup plain yogurt (I used low fat)
1 cup mashed very ripe bananas
2 large eggs
2/3 cup canola oil
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp maple extract
Coarse sugar (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line muffin tins with papers and spray lightly with cooking spray.

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the oats, flour, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and salt.

In a separate bowl, whisk together the yogurt, bananas, eggs, oil, vanilla and maple extract.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients. Stir to combine well but do not over mix. Fill muffin papers 2/3 full with batter. Bake for 24-26 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle with coarse sugar if using. Allow to cool in tins for about 5 minutes before removing to cool completely on a cooling rack.


Julie said...

These look amazing! Hopefully hubby enjoyed his afternoon delight!! :)

Hanaâ said...

These look yummy. I bet they freeze well too so you can have one for breakfast every day! Do you think I could sub white whole wheat flour for spelt flour?

Mags said...

Hanaa: You could try it with white whole wheat flour but I think a better choice would be whole wheat pastry flour. Let me know if you try it and how it works out, OK? Thanks for commenting.

Pam said...

What a great recipe, filled with all kinds of goodness!

Nisrine@Dinners and Dreams said...

Maple and brown sugar sound amazing in a muffin.

June said...

You are so naughty! Maple, brown sugar and bananas sound A++ in my book!

Barbara @ moderncomfortfood said...

I could use one of these wonderful afternoon snacks myself. I always love the way you write, including this wonderful, witty take on the sexy side of...muffins! Great stuff.

Megan said...

These look and sound delicious to me! I love the sprinkling of sugar on top too.

Abby said...

Yummy!! Sounds like our hubbies have a lot in common. =)

Grumpy and HoneyB said...

Ok, so I am the NY Muffin Lady. I am SO making these! I will have to mess around with it a little though because I just can't make it maple without using my maple syrup -- although I am NOT a snob. I do have mapleline extract in my cupboard. ;) he he

stephchows said...

MUFFINS!!!! yum!!! That is so fun that you have those same measuring spoons!!!! Love it :)

Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction said...

These look great! Love all of your muffin recipes (and putting out references... too funny!).

Coach's Oats said...

These look delicious! You really are the muffin lady! I can't wait to try these.

Niece Denise said...

Coach's Oats AND Spelt flour = yes!!! I need to try these.

To Hanaa, if you don't want to use spelt, I have good luck with oat flour (I just grind up oats in my blender.)