Saturday, October 16, 2010

ACK! I've been tagged, so I'm it!

I am currently on grandmother babysitting duty until the middle of next week, (that sounds more important than being on vacation, yes?) so I set my blog to post this in my absence.

Christiane from the MomChef tagged me to play along in this game of getting to know me, getting to know all about me. I love this kind of stuff, so of course I decided to play along (once I saw the questions she was going to ask, that is.)

1. What's the best live event (concert, comedian, etc.) that you've ever attended and when/why?

I have a lot of fond memories of rock concerts from my teens, but I was in my late 40's when I attended my most memorable concert. I saw Aerosmith from the fifth row and when Steven Tyler sang "Dream On" he was looking right into my eyes the entire time. Of course, alcohol plays strange tricks on the mind and memory. I'm still waiting for him to call me.

2. If you were given the opportunity to cook alongside any one professional chef, who would it be?

Oh, most definitely Sandra Lee. There are just sooooo many seasoning packets I've yet to try and I could only hope that she'd share a few of her 150 different colored Kitchen Aid mixers with me. If not, perhaps she could at least help me learn how to make her Kwanzaa cake (And can I just tell you, it's the corn nuts that put it over the top, you know.)

3. When you were growing up, what did you want to be? Are you doing that? If not, what?

I always wanted to be a housewife/homemaker, and after a brief 30-year stint as a dental hygienist, I've finally found my dream job.

4. If your house was on fire, what one item would you grab from the kitchen to save?

My calendar. Leaving it behind would be like leaving my mind and memory behind. (Don't worry Dr. Knuth, I know I have an appointment with you sometime in January.... or is it February?)

5. Coke or Pepsi?

Fountain Diet Coke from McDonalds. (which I always order with a side of parsley and a carrot stick)

6. How many years have you been friends with the person you've known the longest?

Nancy, the daughter my Mom never knew she had. She's been my best friend/sister for almost 30 years.

7. What food dish do you consider the most daunting and have not yet gotten up the courage to attempt it yet?

I would like to learn to make laminated dough/puff pastry but since I can't even make a pie crust properly, I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this will never happen.

8. If you were an animal, what would you be?

I'd be a dog so I could talk to my own dog and ask him why he eats his poop.


Now it's my turn to pass this along to some of my blogging pals. (Are you skeered that your name might be on the list? You should be.) Awww... Y'all know me better than that. I'm going to take it easy on all of you and not put any of you on the spot. And here's why. These would be my questions:

#1. If you were stranded on a desert island with Willie Nelson and Mario Batali, which one would you rather have sex with? Which one would you rather cook for?

#2. If Sandra Lee came to your house and decorated your Christmas tree for you, would you lie about how much you LLLove it, or would you be honest and tell her that martini, wine and champagne glasses do NOT belong on Christmas trees.

#3. If Tyler Florence came to your house while Sandra Lee was decorating your tree with alcohol glasses and empty booze bottles, would you slip off to a remote corner of your home and have your way with him?

#4. If Bobby Flay showed up on your doorstep for a Throw Down, would you indeed throw yourself down? Right there in the foyer? With the door open and everything?

#5. If Giada De Laurentiis asked you "Does this shirt make my cleavage look fat?" would you tell her the truth?

#6. If Paula Deen could manufacture fat-free butter, would you quit making all of your other recipes and rely solely on hers?

#7. If the Neely's disappeared from the Food Network and/or the face of the earth forever, would you be disappointed?

#8. Do you have a Food Network obsession? Or is it just me.

See you all next week. Hugs, kisses..... and have a great weekend!


The Mom Chef said...

Oh lady, you are so wrong. I saw Aerosmith too; probably the same concert but not from that close. Steven Tyler definitely has IT.

Regarding your soda choice, my husband thinks I'm nuts because I tell him all the time that there's nothing like Diet Coke from McDonalds. Of course, I'm not as good as you. I have a Big Mac. Yer my hero.

Did I ever mention that I stopped watching the Food Network and that you've just mentioned about all the reasons (and no, you couldn't pay me to throw down with Bobby Flay)?

Karen said...


Julie said...

Hope you are having so much fun babysitting! Looking forward to pictures!!

Such a funny post! You always make me laugh!!!

I always knew we could be gal pals if we lived closer but now after reading your question #7, I know we could be BFF's. They drive me NUTS!!

Pam said...

I started laughing at brief 30 year stint as a dental hygenist and kept on the whole way through!

Kat said...

When you find out the answer from your dog........let me know.

June said...

Can I triple, quadruple second you on the Neely's? Loved and laughed at the post. Thanks Mags

Rosemary & Garlic said...

I just came back from a womens retreat and I m not sure that I should have been laughing so hard at your questions.

Have I sinned again, already Mags???

All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

These are hilarious! A woman after my own heart. Who needs the Neely's, after all! And I have always wondered why Giada shows so much?

Barbara Bakes said...

We must be the same age because I think I was at the same Aerosmith concert.

Barbara said...

Haha! Love your answers, Mags.
And your questions made me smile. :)
Have fun babysitting!

stephchows said...

HAHAHAHAH love both your answers and your questions!! fantastic!! I'd totally throw myself on the floor HA!

SeattleDee said...

OMG, I'm still giggling at your post, even while trying to rid my mind of some of the mental images you put there!

Are you sure we're not sisters, 'cuz we DO share some thoughts and humor?!

Magic of Spice said...

Aerosmith,nice...and I am pretty sure he will call, guys are just slow that way :)
Your answers are killing me, I have to try and stop laughing to get down the page...But your questions are just so much fun especially #1...Yikes

Becky said...

I'm new to your blog, but i was laughing so hard at your questions. Laughter is good medicine, especially if you're way over the other side of 50, like me:)

Enjoy babysitting! I had an avocado green crockpot, too.