Friday, September 30, 2011

Garlic S'mores Goldfish Crackers

GRANDCHILD ADVISORY/ LEVEL ORANGE-YOU-GLAD-I-ONLY-HAVE-ONE: I am hooked on my Grandkid and as always, addiction tastes better when you can draw others into your vice and get them hooked right beside you. I do realize however, that like the times my Father forced us to view slide after slide of the Grand Canyon.... you just have to be there to appreciate its cuteness (I know, I know...... Grand-eur would have been closer to a pun. Love to you all. Today's a good day!

My blog guest host today is my grandson Gavin, who is currently home-schooling himself in the culinary arts. He feverishly works his tidy whitey didy off every day to come up with a new and tasty snack for all to enjoy. Today he will show us how to make garlic s'more's goldfish crackers. (YUM?)

With limited vocabulary, he uses visual aids and grunts to teach the thousands who flock to see him perfect his art. Each recipe begins with the selection of proper cooking utensils and we see him here evaluating this bowl for its capacity,

its sturdiness,

and it's ability to showcase his finished recipe properly.

Chef Gavin uses only quality ingredients and demonstrates here his penchant for Penzey's Spices. However, he insists that the success of this particular recipe necessitates that the Penzey's garlic powder bottle be completely empty of its contents. (I've learned to never question his procedures... it makes him cry)

Step 1: Gather one snack container of smore's goldfish crackers and one empty jar of Penzey's garlic powder (Gavin's instructor stands behind him for guidance and any questions Gavin may have.)

Step 2:
Remove the lid from the empty Penzey garlic powder bottle. (again with the instructor nearby in case of emergency)

Step 3:
Shove entire empty garlic powder bottle into snack container.

That's it! In just three easy steps and with only two (really only one) ingredient, you too can have a special homemade snack for the day! Please feel free to write me with any questions regarding this recipe. Any mistakes and/or misinterpretations are my own.

Now here's a video to see the chef in action:


thisoldbroad said...

What a cute little chef!
He has more counter space than I do.
And an assistant.

June said...

He's absolutely too darn adorable. Loved this post and so glad you're having a good day! Bunches of hugs comin' your way.

Barbara said...

I know, I know! Those grandsons just completely steal our hearts! Mine did the same thing, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Gavin is marvelous in the kitchen and such a cutie pie!

Lolly said...

Just too darn stinkin' cute!!
I can't put my finger on it but something about him reminds me of Ben at that age. He was also into the culinary arts at that age.

Haden News said...

What a cutie pie! I can't wait till I can teach my grandson some cooking skills...he is 6 months old, they grow so fast, I know it won't be long!!

Sue said...

Oh, I know all about grandma-love:) What a cutie! My grandkids have a similar assistant, waiting for crumbs:)

Moogie said...

Sooooooooo adorable! Got to love a man that cooks bare-chested.

stephchows said...

hilarious :)

Anonymous said...

What a doll! And quite the chef too! lol, grand kids are the BEST!:)

Kat said...

That post was so darn cute!! And so is your grandson, I can see why you are smitten!