Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'd rather be a 42A than a 36 Long

In Junior High as all the other girls started filling out and buying bras further up the alphabet, I remained an A cup. For years I've lamented over how small my 'girls' are, and because it's not possible to buy a 42A off the rack, I've come close to buying bras from transvestites' websites. Wait, what? Don't laugh; it's not funny. OK, go ahead and laugh; it's hysterical.

Ah... but who do you think is going to have the last laugh? That's right. Me. You see, as the rest of you well-endowed women while away your weekends wearing Wonderbras to keep your ta-tas from scraping the floor, I'll be lounging in my sports bra or no bra at all because I'm still as perky as a 12 year old (boy, even.)

Why am I writing this?

More importantly perhaps, why are you still reading this? (Apologies to any male who happened to pick today to see what I'm up to.)

I suppose the reason for my writing this can be summed up as follows: I'm happy to be alive! And I really don't give a rat's rear anymore how big or small my breasts are! Cancer has slapped me upside the head and forced me to call to attention much more important issues and to value every day I'm here on earth.

Life is not measured by the number of breasts you take, but by the moments that take your breasts away. (Now that's just sick, Mags...AND it makes absolutely no sense.)

I'm off to visit a friend this weekend. She's going through her own 'trauma'.... turning 50! And speaking of birthdays, this little old blog turned THREE yesterday. Time flies when you're writing about food and boobs, eh?

Thank you to all of you who continue to check up on me and for leaving such encouraging comments. You guys are the best!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Getting Something Off My Chest...

(That's breast cancer surgery humor folks.... getting something off my chest (get it??) Don't tell me you've gone all stale and given up on me.

Thanks to thisoldbroad and susies1955 for leaving comments that reminded me that I owe all of you an update. I've been too busy brooding to remember that you guys actually do care about me. I'm sorry and promise to do a better job in the future.

The surgery was almost two weeks ago. A 3.1 mm mass was removed along with 2 lymph nodes. The biopsy report revealed that the tissue removed had non-cancerous margins and there was no lymph node involvement. That's about as good as it can get for breast cancer results, yes? I'm scheduled to meet with my oncologist this coming Friday where I will find out about radiation and possibly chemo treatments.

I know I have the biggest part of the battle ahead of me but finally finding out what exactly it is I'm facing will help me tremendously. I have always feared the unknown. (Mags you are so profound, girl.)

Anyway, if chemotherapy is necessary I'm ready to go and my only plea to God and thee is that if I have to lose my hair, please at least let me lose my mustache too.

I'll be back with another update in a few weeks. It's almost my 3rd blogiversary!

hugs and kisses,