Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wasabi Sesame Drizzling Oil (I know, it's weird)

Mags here, doing a quick blog fly-by in between games of "Words With Friends" on Facebook. It has become my newest hobby (read addiction) and is quickly separating friends from friends and morphing into the new Hatfields(16 points) and McCoys(17 points) of online games. Substantiated rumor even has it that people are being tossed off of airplanes for refusing to power down their mobile devices in lieu of playing this game. And lest you get all worried about yet another thing to concern yourself with whilst packing, boarding and flying, these passengers were tossed prior to the plane's departure, not during actual flight. And last I heard, you can still get away with such things as tucking marijuana under your scrotum, if that's your bag (so to speak)

ANYWAYYYAH.... back to this quick blog post. And this one is all for my hubby. I promise you that it will relate to only .00062% of the rest of you, and in the time-honored fashion of rounding off numbers, we'll just give it an even zero. I'm merely posting this so I'll remember how I made this recipe a year from now when I run out again.

See that stuff? It is called wasabi sesame drizzling sauce and I found it last year at Trader Joe's. Had I known that it would eventually become hubby's closest and most coveted condiment, I would have bought more than one bottle. But as common sense usually dictates in such incidences, I tend to buy only one of something until I know whether or not I like it. We loved it (of course) and the next time I went back to Trader Joe's and tried to purchase another bottle, I was told that it was discontinued (of course.) Just like when Mary Kay discontinued the jade eye pencil and pink eyecicles that made me look like a cover girl. (Some things a girl just never gets over.)

Hubby puts this stuff on his grilled fish, especially tuna, mahi mahi and salmon. HE LOVES IT!! When I read the list of ingredients, I figured out that I could come pretty close to whipping up something comparable. And I did! Twenty seconds in the blender (not me.... the ingredients) and I was back on the computer licking my "Wars With Friends" wounds. (That's what I call it now.)

Wasabi Sesame Drizzling Sauce

1 1/2 ounces prepared wasabi paste (that's the entire tube)
1 1/2 ounces soy sauce (I used reduced-sodium)
2 ounces sesame oil
3 ounces canola oil

Put all ingredients in blender and process for 15-20 seconds. Pour into jar. Cover and store in fridge.


The Mom Chef said...

That stuff's gotta pack some heat. Hubby would love it. I have so far stayed far, far away from Words with Friends on facebook. I'd never sleep. Or get work done, or eat. No, I'd eat.

Abby said...

Yum!!! This sounds absolutely delightful....although I waffle between loving wasabi and having to drink a gallon of water to calm my burning mouth. :) Glad to "see" you here again! :)

June said...

Yum! Looks so darn tasty I'm gonna' have to try it - do you think it'll give the Sriracha a run for its money?

Lea M. Callais said...

This sauce sound delish!

Julie said...

Don't you love it when you can do your own version of something?

WWF, not for me. Requires way too much thinking. I am way more an Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja person. Mindless entertainment ;)

Shelby said...

Well, I'm thinking love it here but I'm a heat freak anyway...and anything with wasabi is going to grab my attention. Grumpy wouldn't touch it though. Of course, he's a wuss and I AIN'T afraid to tell him. ;)

airbrush said...

Thanks for posting this. I just had the same experience myself. I hate it when TJ's discontinues things I love. I will try this recipe tonight.

Anonymous said...

So glad you made a daughter( age 5) and I loved that dressing and had same experience of "been discontinued"....we'll try it!