Thursday, March 8, 2012

Laughcrying, New Aerobic Activity!

I've recently discovered a new physical and emotional outlet that I previously did not know existed. It's called the "laughcry" and it's different than what I'm thinking you're thinking that I'm thinking. (Hang with me and I'll pull it all together for you, I promise.)

I think I'm normal in that I cry when I'm sad; most people do. There are also times that I cry when I'm happy: weddings, newborn babies, when I'm eating French chocolate mints, etc. I'm even the queen of crying when I'm laughing, tears flowing freely down my cheeks while I'm rolling around on the floor, enjoying a real gut-busting funny.

However, until this little guy entered my life, I'd never experienced the laughcry in such a passionate and emotional manner.

When I saw this photo on my son's Facebook page last Sunday morning, I laughcried for at least an hour, fully emotional with love, humor and all that God has blessed me with since my grandson was born. It's so difficult for me to explain how thankful I am to have the wonderful children I have and how proud I am of them all. But those who produce offspring in my name are to be cherished and shall be called my favorites. (I think that's straight from the Bible folks.) So let's be getting on it Kellen and Molly, iff'n you want to be my favorites (in the biblical sense, of course.)

Laughcrying is aerobic. It is an intense calorie burner for me. Especially if I view this picture every hour.

I may reach my goal weight by midnight.


Pam said...

Oh my goodness, he is precious!

June said...

Nothing quite like a little "Grandma'" pressure is there? You so make me laugh! What a darling little boy and he's growing so darn fast.