Friday, June 1, 2012

Cooler Corn and Giveaway Winner!

If you know me personally (and some of the rest of you may have even figured this out by reading my online ramblings,) you are no doubt already aware that I'm just. not. right. I mean, I'm harmless and never, ever malicious in thought, word or deed, but I'm just. not. right. I don't think or reason in the same way that most people consider "normal." Things happen in my head that don't happen in others' heads. Ideas that pop into my brain without warning and cause me to imagine that I'm borderline brilliant either turn out to be an epic failure in engineering or an exercise in sheer stupidity (imagine if you will my fourth grade notion that I thought was borderline brilliant: desks with wheels that students could pedal home from school and back. No more forgetting homework! Or my fifth grade masterpiece which was waaaaay more ingenious: Textbooks with removable pages so you wouldn't have to take the whole book home with you! Surely everyone was as conscientious as I was and would never, ever lose a page or forget to bring it back the next day and replace it neatly back into the book.) Do I even dare tell you my suggestion to Sister Elizabeth that if she'd allow me to shorten her hemlines, I could effectively assure her that the boys would pay more attention to her teaching and thusly, she could then effectively ensure me an "A+" in her class for giving her such an advantage! Some day I'd like to interview all of my past teachers and find out just how many of them retired or found their way to the insane asylum once they passed me on to the next grade. Did I even legitimately graduate, I wonder?

Anyway, this morning when I considered an idea of cooking corn in a cooler, I thought I was really onto something that was going to change the world of vegetables forever. The only thing that could possibly top this would be world peas, but even I haven't been able to wrap my head around that one.

So this is cooler corn folks. Shucked corn is placed into a cooler and then boiling water is poured over the corn. After closing the lid and allowing the corn to "cook" for 30 minutes, you'll allegedly have perfectly cooked corn. I KNOW!! Pure. Unadulterated. Genius. I had already begun working on my Pulitzer Prize-winning "Thanks Yo" speech when I thought I'd Google this brain-jarring idea to see if anyone else could have even remotely come close to my Einsteinian thought. As it turns out, this idea has been out there for YEARS and it's already been scrutinized by (which is where I got the photo, btw.) Evidently cooking in plastic coolers is linked to those dreaded BPAs. Or was it STDs. Better check out the article because you'd hate to getcher cancers mixed up withyer cooties.

On to the winner of the plastic wrap (seeeeeee... there WAS a segue: plastic!) The winner chosen by was #41.

Anonymous said...

I'm going with my mamma always said first thing in the morning...wake up my little sunflower..its time to go brighten up someones u think about what I just

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